Potential end users of SAR are those involved in industries and activities such as: offshore oil and gas; wind and wave energy sitings; coastal fisheries; aquaculture; mineral extraction; defence; pollution management; climate prediction; port operations; marine engineering; dredging; coastal protection; ship-routeing; tourism and public health; environment protection and preservation; research and development etc. By identifying potential end users of SAR, the MARSAIS project aims to:
  • identify and understand the data and information needs of coastal zone managers;
  • develop dialogue between MARSAIS toolkit developers and potential customers;
  • ensure that user driven MARSAIS products are developed and effectively exploited;
  • ensure that the final product can deliver critical parameters at appropriate resolutions for usage; and
  • ensure that the final product is presented with an appropriate user-friendly interface.

In order to achieve these aims a fundamental component of the MARSAIS project is to consult potential end users via questionnaires, through user consultation workshops and through the establishment of a MARSAIS Advisory Group (MAG) and a MARSAIS User Group (MUG). The use of workshops will assist in educating potential end users to make better use of EO data and information. In this way, the applications of EO will be promoted, making them more widely understood in accordance with the RTD priorities of the Fifth Framework Programme.

One method of assessing end user requirements for SAR is through the use of a questionnaire survey, which is currently underway.